Obaid Mohammed AlSalami

General Manager

Dubai Investments Real Estate

General Manager's Message

Since its establishment in 2006, Dubai Investments Real Estate has built a strong foothold in the UAE real estate sector. This has been possible due to a wide array of reasons – our unwavering commitment to excel, customer-focused initiatives, trust, market knowhow and property management expertise.

Over the years, DIR has unveiled various residential and commercial projects in the UAE, in line with its vision to add value for the communities it serves. Combining contemporary design sensibilities, DIR has brought forth unparalleled quality, service and realty solutions to its customers at affordable prices.

As a strong believer in innovation, DIR aims to continue setting new benchmarks in excellence in the real estate industry. With continued support of its investors and stakeholders, DIR is committed to creating new communities in and around the UAE in the years to come.

On behalf of DIR, I invite you to discover how we can shape your dreams to reality in the real estate domain.

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